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If the price is your most important concern then we are probably not the company to go for. We are the very best at what we do and are very highly rated amongst all our customers. Whether it is a wedding or a party for children, our service is unrivalled.

All prices are based on the type of event, location, date and time of your function and amount of guests attending.

Evening Events

As a guide you will be looking at paying around £495.00 - This would still very much depend on location, type of event, time of year, which day, start and finish times and amount of hours required.

Childrens 2 hour parties

These finishing no later than 4pm are the same price which is from £225.00 - This does depend depend on day, location and amount of children attending.

Older childrens parties and teenagers parties

As you are probably aware these do tend to finish after 4pm. The price of these parties are from £295.00 upwards - again depending on day, location, hours required and amount of children attending. Please understand by doing parties at later times, we cannot then do an evening event afterwards. This is reflected in the price.

Why not call us to see how professional we are. You will find when you call or email us you should get an answer or reply very quickly expecially during the day. Cheap part time DJs may not be able to answer their phones or reply straight away do to them working at their day job. We do this as a full time business.

Please remember by using us you are getting the best service possible from start to finish, just take a look at the reviews on our previous functions page for adult parties and click here for childrens parties.

We strongly feel that we provide the number one service in the London and Surrey area, our reviews will show you this. Every event is the best!

For a quote feel free to call us on 07956 424 573 or send your enquiry via the contact us page. on this site and we will get back to you upon availability and price.

We would require a deposit to reserve the date of your booking. Deposits are non refundable.
Cheque deposits do not get banked immediately.

If for any reason the event is cancelled you would need to give us 4 weeks notice. If you do not meet this requirement then the full amount will still be outstanding.
Acts of god would be the only reason that we would not be able to work at your event or party.

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