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Nichola Birthday Party

30th Birthday Party DJ in Banstead at Galu, Surrey

This was a 30th Party of a friend of Marks, Nichola. She wanted mostly House & Garage music with some eighties soul music too. Also "no cheesy stuff". This was on a Sunday and finished at 1am. All of her friends said it was the best birthday party of the year.

To see a short video clip (low quality) of this Birthday Party where London And Surrey provided the Birthday Party DJ - Click Here

For anyone looking to hire a venue in the Banstead area, Galu is certainly one we can recommend. You would need to pay for meals beforehand as it is a resturaunt. The food is amazing too!

"Mark - thank you so much. It was the party of the year. Eveyone loved it! London and Surrey DJ are the best around." - Nichola Brown

If you have any questions or would like to book a mobile 30th Birthday Party DJ in Banstead or any other area, please call us on: 07956-424-573

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