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Why Choose London and Surrey DJ


This is a really impotant factor.

Firstly we know personally, or know of many of the DJ's and DJ companies operating in the same areas as us and without trying to be too modest - there is no comparison when it comes to the music.

We list the prices on this website so you can see what you are roughly paying rather than giving you the hard sales talk via email or telephone. EVERY event we do has outstanding results - It's a fact we do have an amazing track record. We even have clients who change the date of their party or event just so that we can be their mobile DJ for the evening.

If you are looking for a service higher than the average we will provide you with an outstanding bespoke service.

The most common quote used from our clients after or during our performance is "Everybody is commenting on how great the music is / was"

For those of you that have found us on search engines, you might worry that you are taking a chance with what should be one of the most enjoyable nights of your life. We totally understand that you do not know us and how we perform at all, so feel it might be a gamble. Rest assured we are definitely the best at what we do and our prices are very reasonable.

You will certainly be able to hire a mobile DJ in Surrey, London or Kent who is cheaper than us, and you will also find lots that are more expensive. So many DJs state on their websites that they only use the best equipment and play the best music...... yet they use laptops with mixing programmes that mix the music together - NOT the way to do it! The majority of our DJs are 100% hands on mobile DJs who will have experience in mixing music.

We find that so many of the venues we work at have in house DJs (who tend to get very stale working the same venue every week) - bookings still come in for us at these venues even though at times our price may be more expensive.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose London & Surrey DJ for your special occasion.

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