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Wedding DJ in Coulsdon at Coulsdon Manor, Surrey

This is another wedding venue on where we have provided a wedding DJ on lots of occasions. London And Surrey DJ enjoy playing this venue. We did a wedding here in August and it was so hot! The guests were dancing all night from beggining to end. The last record played was the famous "New York" "New York" the whole crowd were singing to this. The DJ also recieved a standing ovation which was really nice.

Coulsdon Manor is a great Surrey venue for a wedding. It has around 36 rooms too to stay in.

"London and Surrey DJ, We were reecomended you by Paul Ottis and we are so pleased with how you performed." - Kelly & Pete Singlet

If you have any questions or would like to book your wedding DJ in Coulsdon or any other area, please call us on: 07956-424-573

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