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Wedding DJ in Windsor at The Oakley Court Hotel, Berkshire

This wedding at The Oakley Court Hotel Windsor, Berkshire was once again amazing, there was well over 150 guests. The bride and groom Jake & Beverley wanted a mixture of cheesey music with some up to date stuff too. We started here early playing background music. By the time the first dance was played the guests were rareing to go, it stayed this way until 12pm - finishing time.

For anybody looking for a venue in Windsor for your wedding the Oakley Court is certainly another one for us to recommend.

"We attended our friends wedding just a few months before and mark the DJ did a fantastic job, so we knew we needed to book him to DJ for our wedding too. Thanks for doing a great job." - Bev

If you have any questions or would like to book your wedding DJ in Windsor or any other area, please call us on: 07956-424-573

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